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It is recognised

It is recognised that these rules should be phased in as the global economic situation improves. These new rules will become enshrined in the national legislation and subsequently codified in the issuance of a set of new international regulatory and capital adequacy standards Basel III. T [...]

Era of cheap

Era of cheap meat might not happen for another two to three years, Broadbent said. Basically supply and demand, and this USDA report showed that our supplies are going to increase. Text > USDA livestock analyst said producers who see good prices at auction might still sell off their heife [...]

Funny thing is,

Funny thing is, according to the rules set down by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana, the only permissable pies are pizza marinara (tomato, garlic, oregano and extra virgin olive oil), pizza Margherita (tomato, sliced mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil), and pizza Margherit [...]

Homemade wine

Homemade wine recipes that involve fresh fruit are much more complicated processes. First you have to crush the fruit correctly and then you have to measure out the sugar and acidity levels. Personally I would prefer to avoid all this hassle as making decent wine is difficult enough withi [...]

Paper, plastic

Paper, plastic or reusable? Reusable shopping bags have exploded in popularity, and many stores offer discounts for using your own bag versus using store supplied bags. I’ve amassed quite a collection of reusable grocery bags (more on that later in this column!) and I like using the [...]

The first presenter

The first presenter was AquaFence USA showing off its fence like structure. The fence is a raised structure of varying heights and a base that sits underwater. The weight of the water on the base prevents the forward momentum of the water from pushing over the fence, company officials sai [...]

If you afraid of being

If you afraid of being perceived as a freeloader, remember that both parties benefit. A Greek family is just as curious about me as I am in them. Armed with pictures from home and a bag of goodies for the children, I make a point of giving as much from my culture as I am taking from their [...]

Friday. $15. It’s the

Friday. $15. It’s the story of an unlikely hero on a life changing journey with a smart aleck donkey and a feisty princess. Try firing any decent 1911 or a stock Smith Wesson or Colt revolver. The crisp trigger break afforded in single action allows a marksman to place a shot just a [...]

Anyone who lives

Anyone who lives in Huntsville is familiar with Redstone Arsenal, where Von Braun created the Redstone Rocket. This ballistic workhorse helped numerous space and military ventures in the 50’s and 60’s and was the rocket used in the first US nuclear tests. And yes, Minecraft pl [...]

So the classes

So the classes have been working to sell baked goods for this wonderful cause. They had a goal they wanted to meet: $200 by the end of five weeks. That may not seem like much, but to a family in need, anything will help. It’s easy to understand why this property is the first choice  [...]