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For first down

we walk on the red carpet

I in a rental house

I in a rental house the owner is very reluctant to paint, repair, or landscape the house so we are the worst looking house on the street. Overseas buyers are the only ones who can afford homes in this housing market. This is bringing down changing our communities.. Australia’s awar [...]


MACHESNEY PARK (WIFR) For all of the years Fred Brace spent playing guitar at local charity events, he never thought he’d need a little charity himself. He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and is now under hospice care. When an old famous friend found out, that friend [...]

A spokesman for Gov

A spokesman for Gov. Terry McAuliffe who signed the law allowing Virginia to obtain lethal injection drugs from the secret compounding pharmacy declined to comment. Brian Coy told the Times Dispatch in September that in the “modern atmosphere, with respect to lethal injections, this [...]

What has happened

What has happened to Prime Minister Theresa May’s polling ahead of the June election? A string of opinion polls now show the Conservative lead over Labour has practically halved due to her proposal to means test social care for the elderly. The opposition Labour party has quickly du [...]

On the first retrieve I see

On the first retrieve I see the flash of a major tail. Weak kneed, I drift the bugger like a nymph down the same line and on the second retrieve WHAM. My five weight LL Bean rod the Orion bent straight to the river. Most of the flows it catered for are already catered for elsewhere. Oxfor [...]

One of our family

Bachelor doesn’t get

Bachelor doesn’t get the crowds of some of the other big resorts, making it an ideal ski spot for a more laid back holiday. Choose from 101 trails on over 4,300 acres. The longest run here is over six kilometres of scenic downhill action. A good example of negative space use is a ha [...]

His concerns seem

His concerns seem to refer to the Lake Winnipeg Regulation, whereby Manitoba Hydro regulates the levels of Lake Winnipeg through Jenpeg Dam essentially using Lake Winnipeg as a quasi battery. Public data is hard to come by, but estimates are that this raises Lake Winnipeg water levels by  [...]